Lockdowns and curfews come and go. At the moment in Bali, where I am based for now. The curfew is 9pm and supposedly international flights are banned. Somehow, I still know of people coming into Indonesia from international destinations. 

 In this time of uncertainty in the present and near future. It is hard to plan a trip anywhere. So, for me to be able to get on a plane, fly to an island. Drive to a white sand beach, with warm clear blue waters and plenty of waves for you to surf all day. Well let’s just say that being a reality amongst the realities of most in the world, is one of the reasons surfing has been my life.   

Especially going somewhere new, I’ve been fortunate enough to have traveled to many places for surfing. That feeling of hearing about waves in a faraway place. Seeing photos in a magazine or in a video and then being able to go there for yourself. I think that will always keep us traveling and hoping things in the world will go back to some kind of normality or an even better state than it was.  

- Words and images by Jared Mell